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Buy a high-end egg separator machine

Is your plant in need of a new egg processing machine, but are you unsure which machine best suits your company’s needs? Moba Group is there to help. Their high-end machinery comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can take over any egg processing task from grading to packaging. Some can even clean the eggs or determine their size. In the extensive assortment of this manufacturer you are sure to find an egg processing or separator machine that perfectly fits the needs of your plant.

Purchase a new or used machine at a fair price

The purchase of a new egg separator or other processing machine does not need to be a big investment. The machines Moba Group produces come at a fair price. They even sell well-functioning used machinery, should you not be willing to splurge on a new one. This equipment functions equally well, but comes at an even better price. Whether you decide to buy a new or a used egg separator, if you buy your egg processing machine from Moba Group you are ensured of high quality equipment that is both efficient and reliable.

Choose from various types of machinery

Is the processing of eggs only a small part of your production and do you need a small and compact machine? Then the Micro25 egg-breaking machine is especially useful. With its compact design and egg handling speed of 900 to 9,000 eggs per hour, it is perfect for small scale food processing. Do you need a bigger breaker, such as the CEB breakers? Then you can count on a machine that can break 10,800 to 43,200 eggs an hour. Of course there are also egg processing machines that can process even more eggs or process an amount somewhere between the ranges of these machines. And there is equipment that does other tasks than egg breaking alone, such as the egg separator machine that efficiently separates egg whites from yolks.

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