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Organisational revolution

There is a lot going on in the field of public interiors. Commercial interior design consultancies in Edinburgh are as busy as ever. Although the processes don’t always go smoothly, authorities across the country are busy trying to fit their physical environments to the requirements of 2017 and beyond. Edinburgh Council for instance is a major municipality and the capital of Scotland. 
At some departments the ways of working of the council have completely changed to agile working: the employees are bnow all working in a spacious surrounding and self control is now the new standard. 
Flexible working has bee introduced and the office environment has completely new designed and fitted out by commercial interior design consultants Amos Beech in Edinburgh. The so-called ‘Town Hall’ is designed on the basis of the ‘activity based working’. The interior concept provides three types of desks: landing spaces for flexible working and informal consultation, collaboration spaces for meetings and individual spaces for concentrated work. In this way civil servants can find the right workplace for each activity.

“Now everything is finished, we feel how the interior seamlessly fits our way of working and our culture,” said Corine McVey, organisational advisor at Edinbugh Council. “The open space, the unusual lay-out, the natural feeling of the walls and the signing strengthen our identity and who we want to be, but also how we want to work with each other in the future. This concept speeds up our development and is a pilot for the whole council.”

The furniture in the new office is very varied. Existing offices in the interior are complemented by very different styles of modern office furniture. “The customization for furniture, floors and walls is made of OSB of residual wood with a FSC quality mark as a basis,” said Crielaers & Company. “There is chosen for a sober, pure radiance, fitting to this council.”

Acoustics plays a major role in the modern interior. Also (or perhaps) in listed buildings is the use of acoustic solutions strongly emerging. 
equipped with acoustic wall panels, which work in the monumental spaces in different ways a lot more enjoyable. First of all, there is of course the acoustic quality: many studies have shown that good acoustics bring a hefty contribution to both productivity and the well-being of users of a space. Therefore, the number of square metres per space need to be accurately adjusted on the acoustic Panel needs. The result is an interior space that best complies with the requirements set out in this day and age to an agile working environment
Also aesthetic, the new wall solution there. The acoustic panels were in series of two to fourteen copies in the areas. The colors of the panels are broadly related to certain areas and features of those areas. Corridors and traffic areas have been given yellow coloured panels