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London’s Culture

London is known as the leading global city in transportation, tourism, research and development, professional services, healthcare, media, fashion, finance, commerce, education, arts and entertainment. You just name it, and London has it all. London became the first city ever to host the modern Summer Olympic games three times.

As we come to the culture of London, it gets pretty amazing when you dig deep. It shows us many colors and every color is completely different from the other.

Leisure and entertainment

A Major part of London’s economy is Leisure. London has the biggest theater audience of any city in the world. It is said to be the world’s busiest film production centre, producing more live comedy than any other city. The entertainment district of the West End has its focus around Leicester Square, where world film premieres are held. Since the late 20th century, Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals have dominated the West End Theater.

The upper street extending from Angel contains more restaurants and bars than any other street in the United Kingdom. Oxford Street is said to be the busiest shopping street area. London is home to designers, its renowned fashion and art schools make it an international centre of fashion alongside New York, Paris and Milan.

Beginning with the variety of annual events:

  • New Year’s Day Parade

  • Fireworks Display at the London Eye

  • Nothing Hill Carnival

This carnival is said to be the world’s second largest street party which is held on the late August Hank Holiday each year.

Literature, Film and Television

Many works of literature have been setup in London. Association of writers with the city is heart-warming. Samuel Pepys got attention for his account of the Great Fire; Charles Dickens whose representation of grimy, foggy, snowy streets of London pickpockets and sweepers had a major influence on people’s vision.

London has no doubt played a significant role in the film industry. Major studios in London include Ealing, Twickenham, Elstree and Borehamwood, Pinewood and Shepperton whereas, post-production and special affects community is centered in Soho. The city has been a setting for famous films including:

  • Oliver Twist (1948)                                            

  • Scrooge (1951)

  • Peter Pan (1953)

  • The 101 Dalmatians (1961)

  • Blowup (1966)

  • My Fair Lady (1964)

  • Mary Poppins (1964)

  • Hill (1999)

  • V for Vendetta (2005)

  • Love Actually (2003)

  • The King’s Speech (2010)

London is also a major centre for television production with studios including, BBC Television Centre, The London Studios and The Fountain Studios.

Museums and Art Galleries

London is known as home to many museums, institutions and galleries, many of which have no admission charges and are great tourist attractions. In 1753, British Museum was established in Bloomsbury. It originally contains natural history specimens, antiquities and the national library. The museum has 7 million artifacts from all over the world now. There are three major national museums including, The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

In 1856, The National Portrait Gallery was founded, now it compromises of world’s most extensive collection of portraits.


London is home to major music corporations such as Warner Music Group, as well as countless bands, musicians and industry professionals, also being one of the biggest popular and classical music capitals of the world. This city also has many concert halls and orchestras, such as The London Symphony Chorus, The London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Albert Hall and Cadogan Hall. Several conservatoires are within the city:

  • Royal Academy Of Music

  • Guildhall School Of Music and Drama

  • Trinity Laban

  • Royal College Of Music

The development of punk music was instrumental with the figures as The Clash and Vivienne Westwood all situated in the city. London also became the centre of urban music. BBC Radio 1Xtra music station was setup to support the rise of local urban music in London and the rest of the United Kingdom.


Just knowing the culture is exciting, but what is more exciting is to experience it. Ever visited London? If not then pack your bags and fulfill your desires to live in the deluxe sweets that you might have imagined.

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